Empack is an ISO 9001:2008 company.

Iso9000 8

ISO 9001:2008 is an international standard for an organization's quality management system requirements. These standards a re published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The objective of ISO 9001:2008 is to provide a set of requirements that will ensure suppliers can deliver goods and service that meet their customers' needs and expectations and comply with applicable regulations.

Requirements include management's commitment to quality, customer focus, adequate resource availability, process management, quality planning and control, product design, customer service, order processing, purchasing, complaint resolution, and continued review of the quality of goods and services, both internally and with customers.

For more information on ISO 9001:2008 visit www.iso.org


Empack is a GMP certified company.

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a set of requirements found in accordance with the Food, Drug & Cosmetic Act for the control and management of manufacturing and quality control testing of products covered by these categories.

Gmp LogoRequirements for manufacturers include a quality system for the design, manufacture, packaging, labelling, storage and servicing of finished goods for commercial distribution.

The Empack certification comprises the development, blending and filling of aerosol and liquid products for the cosmetics industry in accordance with FDA / CFSCAN Cosmetics Good Manufacturing Practice guidelin0e.






Empack is Site Licensed to produce Natural Health Products

Empack holds a Site Licence from Health Canada for the manufacturing of Natural Health Products in Canada.

Natural health products (NHPs) are naturally occurring substances that are used to restore or maintain good health. They are often made from plants, but can also be made from animals, microorganisms and marine sources. They come in a wide variety of forms like tablets, capsules, tinctures, solutions, creams, ointments and drops.
Many everyday consumer products, like certain hand sanitizers, toothpastes, antiperspirants, shampoos, facial products and mouthwashes are also classified as natural health products in Canada.

To be licensed in Canada, natural health products must be safe, effective, of high quality and carry detailed label information to let people make safe and informed choices.

You can identify products that have been licensed for sale in Canada by looking for the eight-digit Natural Product Number (NPN).


Empack has obtained a Drug Establishment License (DEL) from Health Canada. This allows Empack to manufacture and distribute sunscreens and other DIN products. For more information on this license or Health Canada visit their website.